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How to dye your own disc tutorial using the shaving foam dye technique

Posted by Oliver Simonsen on

The shaving foam dye technique is by far the simplest and easiest dye technique there is. It is the process of transferring dye onto a disc using shaving foam cream.

Everything you need to know is explained below in detail. We recommend you take the time to view the tutorial video as well and please consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

12 easy steps on how to dye your own disc using the shaving foam dye technique. Hopefully you will find the video above, the step by step instructions and the tips helpful to make your discs look amazing. It would be amazing if you would share a photo of your disc with us using the hashtag #DyeYourOwnDisc and tag @LondonDiscGolfCommunity.

  • Step 1. Start by adding the shaving foam to your mixing bowl, one container of 200ml will be enough for one disc and one colour dye. Add water and mix together. Keep stirring until you get a milkshake like texture. Feel free to add more water if need be.

Tip: When it comes to adding water to the mixture; Less-is-more. Use two shaving foam cans for multi colour designs.

  • Step 2. Transfer the shaving foam mixture to the pie tin.

Tip: An ultimate disc or a ceramic kitchen plate can be used instead of a pie tin.

  • Step 3. Scrape off any excess shaving foam back into your mixing bowl, you’ll need this later. Make sure to get a smooth surface.

Tip: Use a ruler or something with a flat hard edge to level the shaving foam.

  • Step 4. Transfer the remaining shaving foam to the glass jar until it is three quarters full.

Tips: Disposable cups can also be used instead of a glass jar.

  • Step 5. You can either sprinkle or pour the dye into to the glass jar, remember to add a little water. Stir for 5 minutes until the mixture is an even colour. For stronger more vivid colours, add more dye and water if required.

  • Step 6. Use the syringe to suck up the dye mixture. Start in the middle of the pie tin, this will be used as reference later.

Tip: Practice sucking the dye and ejecting it back into the glass jar before creating your design.

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  • Step 7. Create your design.

Tip: Make sure you have a rough idea of what you want to design before you begin.

  • Step 8. Use the toothpick to accentuate your design. Use a disposable paper towel to wipe off any foam from the toothpick to prevent cross contamination.

Tip: Start from the centre and pull outwards or vice versa start from the edge and drag the toothpick carefully inwards.

  • Step 9. Clean and dry your disc.


Tip: It’s important to remove any dust or dirt on the disc before placing it into the shaving foam as this may effect the outcome of your design.

  • Step 10. Use your thumbs to lift the disc. Place the disc in the middle of your design. As you can see, the disc sank into the pie pan, which is expected.

Tip: Lay some newspaper down to prevent dye spilling. Make sure to find a flat surface and place the pie tin on it, this will prevent the disc from sliding to one side.

  • Step 11. Use your thumbs to gently pull the disc straight out. You may find the disc gets a little stuck so be extra careful.


Tip: If the disc gets really stuck, it is recommended to have someone to help you pull the disc out gently.

Step 12. Rinse the disc under warm water, this will help the dye set better.

Thank you for watching the video and following the step by step instructions on how you dye your own disc. Please share a photo of your disc on social media and tag London Disc Golf Community, we would love to share your amazing stories. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #DyeYourOwnDisc.

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