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Plant a Tree, Offset CO2 & Become Climate Positive

Posted by Oliver Simonsen on

Plant Trees & Offset Emissions

London Disc Golf Community has partnered with Ecodrive to help make your shopping experience more sustainable by planting trees, offsetting emissions, helping to become climate positive and much more. We have now enabled you the option to plant a tree from as little as 65p to offset the carbon emissions on your order. First add a product(s) to your basket and then the toggle feature will appear in the basket, choose how many trees you would like to plant and complete checkout. Help offset your orders emission. Each tree makes a direct impact on our planet.

Current Ecodrive impact












How it works

Ecodrive seamlessly integrates into the website basket so from as little as 65p you can help offset the carbon emissions from your order together with LDGC. When you add a product to the basket, you will see the 'Plant a Tree - Offset CO2 with Ecodrive' at the bottom of your basket near the checkout button and have the option to toggle on in order to plant a tree. 

Each tree planted helps to reduce nearly 680 pounds of harmful carbon emissions from the atmosphere, which is well over the CO2 generated from standard e-commerce shipments. This will help you become climate positive... because we believe that neutral is not enough!

The trees that we plant serve many benefits outside of reducing carbon footprints. They also help to alleviate poverty in the areas they are planted because Ecodrive are hiring local villagers to plant and maintain them! With the help of Ecodrive, you are creating a positive impact for our planet, and those that live on it!

The Trees

  • All trees are mangroves in Madagascar, which is one of the highest carbon-absorbing trees.
  • The trees help to alleviate poverty in the regions of Madagascar in which they are planted. Ecodrive have designated plots of land in Madagascar where your tree will be planted within 30-45 days of purchase.
  • The trees aid in environmental restoration by reforesting habitats for indigenous wildlife.
  • Trees are planted on a monthly basis.
  • The land all trees are planted on is protected.


Mangrove Trees

Mangroves are a direct investment into the future of our planet. When you plant with us, you are making a lasting impact and one directly attributed to you, which will never be double allocated. Mangroves are one of the most effective and economic methods of absorbing carbon emissions from the atmosphere. Studies show that Mangroves “sequester carbon at a rate two-four times greater than mature tropical forests” and contain “the highest carbon density of all terrestrial ecosystems.” (Fatoyinbo et al, 2017). Mangroves are also a key part of coastal ecosystems, providing shelter to wildlife in the regions they are planted.

Where does the money go?

Great question! For your carbon offset, Ecodrive are planting mangrove trees in Madagascar and hiring local villagers living in poverty to plant and maintain your trees! Each dollar goes towards the cost of the seedling (mangrove seedlings are called propagules), and the wage of the local villagers we hire to plant and maintain the growth of the trees, helping to ensure survivability rates stay high. Alongside carbon reduction, poverty alleviation is a huge part of what we do at Ecodrive and together with our partners, Eden Projects. We plant mangroves because they are some of the highest carbon absorbing trees in the world, giving you the most value for your carbon reduction!

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