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Wembley Open 2023 presented by MVP Disc Sports

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  • PDGA B-Tier
  • One Day Event
  • Two Rounds of 18 holes
  • Course length approx 1924m
  • Course Par = 62 (8x par 4 & 10x par 3)
  • Guesstimate PDGA Rated Round for par = approx 935
We’re super excited to announce that MVP Disc Sports will be the title sponsor of the Wembley Open 2023!
This new partnership has allowed us to raise the bar and bring our event to the next level. The Wembley Open 2023 presented by MVP Disc Sports is now our first PDGA B-Tier event. Keep an eye out for some sweet discs coming soon.
We will have exclusive access to Horsenden Hill Activity Centre, meaning we have designed a new temporary Wembley Open layout, including two top pro temporary baskets and using the entire property. With 8 par 4s, an overall par 62 and over 1900m per round, this layout has been designed with the top players in mind. This layout will only be available to play running up to and during this event. 
We’re still finalising the website, caddie book, OB/Hazard/Mandos/DropZones etc, so stay tuned for updates. If you have a brand and want to also sponsor our event, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.
Registration details can be found here


Entry Fee

£35 Entry Fee + Disc Golf Scene fee (£1) & PayPal Transaction Fee (3.49%) = Approx £37.25.

What's included:

  • Exclusive HHAC Venue Hire,
  • Green Fees Day Pass,
  • New temporary tournament layout,
  • PDGA B-Tier sanctioning fees,
  • Prizes: Including Added cash from MVP Disc Sports
  • MPO Final Round Post Coverage by Neutrino Disc Golf
  • No player pack included.  



This is a Pro/Am PDGA B-Tier event. We've made changed the layout from previous years with the goal of making the course more difficult by extending the length of the holes. This would not be possible without getting exclusive access to the Horsenden Hill Activity Centre. With this in mind, the divisions available have been limited to MPO/MA1/MA4 and FPO/FA1/FA4.

Women's Divisions
FPO - Female Professional Division
FA1 - Female Amateur Division - Ratings >= 725
FA4 - Female Amateur Division - Ratings < 725

Mixed Divisions
MPO - Professional Division
MA1 - Amateur Division - Ratings >= 850
MA4 - Amateur Division - Ratings < 850

Please note that minimum 4 players are required per division, divisions with 3 or less players will be asked to change division. Prizes will vary depending on the how many players sign up in each division. Divisions with more players, will receive a relative larger percentage of the overall prize pool.

More info about PDGA divisions here:


CAR PARK / Directions

Free car park on site. Address is Horsenden Hill Activity Centre, Woodland Rise, Greenford, UB6 0RD, United Kingdom.



There is no accommodation onsite, however there are lots of choice available near by. For example the  Premier Inn London Hanger Lane hotel £72 per night + Breakfast for £9.99. 



Thursday, March 23, 2023
9:00am - 6:00pm Final day of course maintenance - Volunteers welcomed.
Friday, March 24, 2023
9:00am - 6:00pm Practice Day: The course will be ready.
Please register your tee time here:
Pay your green fees upon arrival.
£12 for one round or £20 for day pass.
Saturday, March 25, 2023
5:00am - 8:00am TeamLDGC Event Set Up - OB and Hazard Rope, Mando Signs, Basket Covers, Temp Basket Placements with pegs, Gazebo, Feather Flags, Tee Flags, Drop Zone Flags, Warning/Event Signs, Barrier Tape, Foldable Tables.
8:00am - 8:45am Check in with Olli & Warm Up
8:45am - 8:55am GROUP PHOTO & Walk to first hole
8:55am - 9:00am 2 Minute Warning (Not 5)
9:00am - 12:00pm Round 1 - PDGA Scoring, with UDisc or paper as backup
Starting Hole:
12:00pm - 1:15pm Lunch
Optional Side Game - MVP Ring of Fire
Optional Side Game - MVP Distance Contest
Walk to first hole for round two
1:15pm - 4:30pm Round 2 - Lead MPO Card will be filmed by Olli for the LDGC YouTube Channel
4:30pm - 5:30pm Play Offs - Check caddy book for details.
Check Scores
Prize Ceremony
5:30pm Home Time
Pack Up



The course map is now available on the UDisc App:



Course & Hole Descriptions

The par for the course is 62 and approx 1924m from tee to basket.

  1.  Par 3. 65m or 213ft dog leg right. OB left and long which shapes the fairway. Shoutout to Jack Renyard.

  2.  Par 4. 184m or 604ft straight. OB on Hole 1's fairway. OB left, barbed wire fence, divides the property with the the golf course next door. Two meet free relief away from the barbed wire fence. 

  3. Par 3. 59m or 194ft. Tee off on the right side of the tee sign.  When completed the hole. Pass the Tee of hole 8 to get to the next Tee. PLEASE USE A SPOTTER!

  4.  Par 3. 57m or 187ft. Island hole, approx 8-12m away from the basket. Everything outside the circle is Hazard, play from where you lie with one stroke penalty. 

  5.  Par 4. 120m or 394ft. Straight to the pin. Temporary Latitude 64 basket. Shoutout to David Golesz.

  6.  Par 4. 190m or 623ft. Uphill straight shot. Mando right off the big tree. OB Long onto hole 7s fairway. Hazard Golf Green near basket. 

  7.  Par 3. 112m or 367ft. Downhill straight shot. OB all the way down on the left hand side. Hazard golf green near basket. PLEASE USE A SPOTTER!

  8.  Par 3. 53m or 174ft. Steep uphill low ceiling straight shot. OB on the right onto hole 4s fairway. Hazard golf greens to the left and past the basket. 

  9.  Par 3. 105m or 344ft. Slight downhill to the left. Mando to the right. OB right hand side and OB long. 

  10. Par 3. 97m or 318ft. Flat and straight. OB on the previous hole 9 and OB Long.

  11. Par 4.  101m or 331ft. Uphill. Double mando. One drop zone for both mandos. Please watch out for players on hole 16.

  12.  Par 4. 119m or 390ft. Uphill.

  13.  Par 3. 84m or 276ft. OB right hand side on next hole and OB long. 

  14.  Par 4. 128m or 420ft. Mando left. OB right hand side on previous fairway. 

  15. Par 3. 85m 279ft. Tee moved back. OB right hand side over the barbed wired fence. 2 meter relief from barbered wired fence. Careful of dog walkers. PLEASE USE A SPOTTER!

  16. Par 4. 145m 476ft. Tee moved back. OB Long. PLEASE USE A SPOTTER!

  17. Par 3. 57m or 187ft. New tee moved back. Mando right off the tree. (18th Tee in bounds. Please wait to throw until clear). Steep uphill. PLEASE USE A SPOTTER!

  18. Par 4. 164m or 538ft. Golf green is safe. Careful of dog walkers. OB long over the fence of the clubhouse yard. Car Park long is OB

All sand bunkers are safe, unless marked with OB rope, play from where you lie without a penalty. 

If the disc lands in a FootGolf hole, please mark your lie away from the basket and play casual relief from behind the hole. No penalty.

You can update your registration by clicking the self serves link on your email confirmation ✅

Any questions, let me know and they'll up updated here.


Bins provided

  • Inside and outside the clubhouse. 
  • Tee 8
  • Tee 10
  • Between Hole 15 & 16

Flags, Tape & Arrows - What they mean?

  • Orange and blue flags mark tees, OB, Hazard and Drop Zones.
  • Red and white barrier tape is used for directional purposes only. 
  • Red wooded arrows show the direction of play with a mandatory route.

Video Coverage: MPO Final Round - Post Production

Filmed by Nathan Rae and Co at Neutrino Disc Golf, go subscribe on YouTube to be notified when the video goes live. 


Prize Schedule: TBC

Approx £1710 based on 90 players attending.

Are MPO playing for Cash?
Yes, amount to be confirmed depending on how many open players sign up.  


Refund policy

London Disc Golf Community is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

Full refund available until Friday 10th March 2023 at 11.59pm.

No refunds after this time. If you're unable to attend, please try find someone who will take your place and I'll arrange for the event and PDGA page to be updated. If the event sells out and there are players registered on the waiting list who are able to attend the event, only then will a refund be provided, minus transaction fees.


Contact US

Any questions, let me know and they'll be updated here.
Contact us on 


Sponsors and event partners 

    • MVP Disc Sports
    • Neutrino Disc Golf
    • Horsenden Hill Activity Centre
    • TeamLDGC & London Disc Golf Community