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Fluid / Frost / Elasto

Dynamic Discs Fluid:

This plastic, in regular conditions, will have a flexible quality and superb grip. When the temperature dips, this blend will retain more flexibility than any other premium plastics we offer. This will translate to better grip and more control when your hands are cold and your grip is compromised. During spring and summer temperatures this disc is perfect for the throwers that like some flex in their disc. These discs will fly with the same consistency and predictability that you are used to from Dynamic Discs.

Latitude 64° Frost:

Frost Line is Latitude 64's newest addition to their high quality lines of plastic. They have worked hard to develop a plastic that feels good in the hand, has flexibility, durability, and maintains its shape in all conditions. Frost Line is very similar to their Opto Line, but with a higher flexibility and stickier grip. Creating a plastic that is flexible yet durable was a challenge that their mad scientists in Sweden have now conquered. Frost will maintain its shape in cold weather and doesn't melt in your hand on a sunny day.

Westside Discs Elasto:

Elasto plastic is transparent and flexible plastic that is also good in cold climate conditions.

Dynamic Discs Fluid Justice - Macie Velediaz Team Series
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Dynamic Discs Fluid Justice - Macie Velediaz Team Series

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