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Shane Cooper



Name: Shane (Lil Jerm) Cooper 
PDGA Number: #128110
Current Rating: 913 (as of 09-Nov-2021)
Go to discs:
  • Putter: MVP Electron Pilots
  • Approach: Kastaplast Berg or Discraft Get Freaky Zone
  • Midrange: MVP Electron Matrix
  • Fairway: MVP Cosmic Neutron Insanity
  • Driver: MVP Neutron Photon
Biggest achievement is finishing 3rd in MA3 at British Championships 2020
How long have I been playing?
I found disc golf in October 2019 after watching Jomez on YouTube for several months and after downloading UDisc after watching an advertisement, to find out I’m only 3 miles from my now home course Cotswolds view.
  • My goals for 2021 season are to become a 900+ (PDGA) rated golfer and compete in the open division.
  • To compete in the upcoming uk majors tour in 2021
  • To help build the community of disc golf at my home course with club nights and competitions
  • To promote LDGC and build strong relationships with my Team mates.
How I meet Olli and first round together:
I happened to stubble across Cotswolds View Facebook group and left a comment asking for a round if anyone willing to show me around. Olli was there that weekend and offered me the chance to join him so the plans were made to meet up. The weather was absolutely awful torrential rain, I met Olli for the first time, with one hire disc in hand and we played a round I remember scoring +33 but the amount I learned watching discs flying properly was a game changer and I was hooked almost instantly, if it wasn’t for Olli and his family offering to play I’m not sure I would even be in the position I’m in today and even playing this beautiful sport!