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Martin Colbert

Name:  Martin (Mole) Colbert
Current Rating: 829 (as of 09-Nov-2021)

Go to discs:

  • Putter: Latitude 64° Sense Faith
  • Approach: Westside Discs Harp
  • Midrange: Latitude 64° Grand Trust
  • Fairway: Westside Discs Stag
  • Driver: Latitude 64° Royal Grand Grace
  • Getting 2 aces in 1 week.
  • Getting my 1st tournament win in MA4 at clash of cotswolds.
  • Going to Quarry Park once and leaving with all the discs I went with.
How long have I been playing?
started playing (Disc Golf) in November 2019 to feed my appetite for throwing plastic after playing ultimate for 25 years.
  • To continue my progress.
  • Move to MA40 and try and be competitive in the category.
  • Above all else, have fun.
How I meet Olli and first round together:
I first spoke to Olli online and we played on a card together at clash of the cotswolds. I won some dodgy named sweets for managing to best him on hole 18. (another highlight)
What 3 Luxuries would you have on a desert island apart from a putter and practice basket?