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Mike Grimwade-Mann

Name: Mike Grimwade-Mann
Current Rating: 827 (as of 11-Jan-2022)
Go to discs:
  • Putter: EV-7 Penrose 
  • Approach: Discraft Get Freaky Zone or Discmania MD 
  • Midrange: Axiom HEX or Discmania MD3 
  • Fairway: Dynamic Discs Evader or Discraft Mantis 
  • Driver: Discmania PD, Discmania DDx or Discraft Scorch
  1. Kept improving my rating over the course of my first season
  2. Competing at MA3 level rather than MA4
How long have I been playing?
I played university ultimate for 4 years and then found disc golf in lockdown 1. I created an object course in my local park when we weren’t allowed to travel and played that most days. When we could get to tournaments my first competition was the Croydon Launch Challenge where I made a couple of good disc golf friends who I try and play with regularly
  • Become competitive in the top half of MA3 at events
  • Achieve a 850 rating by the end of next season
  • Promote LDGC and build strong relationships with my Team mates
  • Attend enough events to get a place at champs next year
How I meet Olli and first round together:
I met Olli when playing at Horsenden Hill one day with a friend and he approached me and was easy and interesting to talk to. He seemed knowledgeable about the sport and gave me a few tips (Mainly that I was trying to throw too fast discs at that point in my game!) I then saw him at the Croydon Launch event, where he played a round with one disc against myself and my friend Rob and scored much better than we did with our full bags and I saw how a more experienced player could play against the croydon course.
What 3 Luxuries would you have on a desert island apart from a putter and practice basket?
  1. High quality sound system and a device with active spotify so I could listen to music
  2. A device which lets me read and download books
  3. My partner so we could spend time together