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What's the difference between Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee Friction Gloves?

LDGC has partnered with Friction Gloves to bring Friction Gloves to both the Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee community. Friction Gloves have been working since 2012 to provide you with both the best gloves possible and are specially made for disc sports to add an enhanced grip when throwing and catching. 

Friction Gloves Features:

  • Rubberised palms and fingers provide a consistent grip in every condition.  

  • Protect your hands in wet & cold weather.

  • Enjoy better accuracy and touch on your throws with wrap around grip on throwing fingers.

  • Soften the sting of catching zippy throws.

  • Durability features in our ultimate gloves allow you to catch, sky, and lay out with more confidence!


Friction Glove Size Guide

  1. Measure the distance from the tip of your middle finger to your bottom of your palm
  2. Use the guide below to get your correct hand measurement
  3. Locate your measurement on the chart to find your size

Sizes available:

  • Youth Small < 16.5cm
  • Youth Large 16.5 - 17cm
  • Adult Extra Small 17 - 17.5cm
  • Adult Small 17.5 - 18cm
  • Adult Medium 18 - 18.5cm 
  • Adult Large 18.5 - 19cm 
  • Adult Extra Large 19 - 19.5cm
  • Adult XXL > 19.5cm

If you are between sizes, we recommend you choose the large of the two.

This is not a perfect metric, not all hands are the same. We are here to help make sure you find the right size gloves. We commend you come into our store to try them on if possible. 


Disc Golf: Buy Now

Friction DG Gloves feature grip on the throwing fingers to provide excellent control of the disc for both forehand and backhand throws. They are allowed in PDGA play. They are fantastic for playing in wet, cold, dusty, or humid conditions. Bring consistency to your game with a consistent grip in every condition! 

Disc Golf Reviews:


Ultimate: Coming Soon

The Friction Gloves for Ultimate is full of great features; grip on the throwing fingers, reinforced upper palm for layouts, and added 4 way stretch at the crease of the thumb for maximum flexibility. 

  • Added grip on the throwing fingers gives you more touch with the disc when throwing.

  • Reinforced upper palms and double stitching greatly improves the durability of Frictions. The reinforced upper palms ease the sting of zippy throws in cold weather and protects against the harshness of layouts. 

  • Redesigned thumb allows for much more mobility in the hand and eliminates 'webbing' when hand is fully open to receive a pass.