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LDGC Autumn League 2022

The LDGC Autumn League 2022 is PDGA sanctioned, meaning anyone participating with an active PDGA membership will receive PDGA rated rounds.


Green fees are £12 per round of 18 holes paid directly to Horsenden Hill Activity Centre on the day.

The league fee is either £20 upfront for all rounds or £5 per round. These costs go towards covering the PDGA registration fee and PDGA player per round fee, prizes and LDGC for running the league. 


The Ace Pot is optional £1.00. If anyone who has paid into the ace pot, gets a hole in one, they will receive all the money and the ace pot resets. The ace pot rolls over after each league round if no aces are recorded.

If two or more players get a hole in one during the same league round, the ace pot will be split evenly.

In the event that there are no aces in the entire league, a play off will be played by anyone that has paid into the ace pot immediately after the last league round has finished. 


Divisions: We will have three different divisions for the league.

  1. Purple = Unrated: Beginners and players without a PDGA rating. 
  2. Red =>899 PDGA rated and below
  3. Blue =<900 PDGA rated and above


Prizes: The winner of each league round will win an LDGC voucher worth £1 x the number of players attending the league event in their division.

The top third of players in each division overall of the league will win an LDGC voucher based on the total number of players attending the league event in their division. 


Winners: The player with lowest three scores is the winner. For example player A plays seven rounds and scores, -10, -9, -8, -7, -6, -5, and -4, their three lowest scores are -10, -9, and -8 so their overall score would be -27.

All winners have to play a minimum of 3 league rounds in order to qualify for prizes.


Hole Scoring: PDGA Digital Scorecard Enabled. This will allow you to record hole by hole scores in real-time at (Player  LDGC), so fans and spectators can follow along at


The dates: Tee off starts at 6.30pm sharp due to limited daylight. 

  1. Friday, 19 Aug, (Sunset 20:17, Dusk 20:54)
  2. Friday, 26 Aug, (Sunset 20:03, Dusk 20:38)
  3. Friday, 2 Sep, (Sunset 19:47, Dusk 20:22) 
  4. Friday, 9 Sep, (Sunset 19:31, Dusk 20:06)
  5. Friday, 16 Sep, (Sunset 19:15, Dusk 19:49)
  6. Friday, 23 Sep, (Sunset 18:59, Dusk 19:32)
  7. Friday, 30 Sep, (Sunset 18:43, Dusk 19:16)


Location: Horsenden Hill Activity Centre, Woodland Rise, Greenford, UB6 ORD.


PDGA Ratings. PDGA ratings are update every second Tuesday of the month. However, PDGA ratings from this league won't go live until the end of the league and the official League Report has been completed and submitted to the PDGA. Estimated PDGA League Rating Update: Tuesday 8th November 2022.

Sign up to the PDGA for $20 here and let me know what your membership number if you want to receive rated rounds.