Manchester Trilogy Challenge 2018 Presented by Manchester Disc Golf and London Disc Golf Community

Saturday 23rd June 2018


The Manchester Trilogy Challenge was organised and run by Alan Heckman and Oliver Simonsen and sponsored by London Disc Golf Community, Manchester Disc Golf , Cantor’s Food Store and UDisc .

In advance of the tournament, 48 player packs were ordered from Latitude 64 in Sweden all of which were sold. We had 43 players attending on the day, most of whom were playing their very first or second disc golf competition ever.

Manchester Trilogy Challenge 2018 - Photo by Shelley Heckman

Manchester Trilogy Challenge 2018 - Photo by Shelley Heckman

When hosting a Trilogy Challenge all the player packs must be ordered two to three weeks in advance, making it tricky to know the exact number of player packs and the correct t-shirt sizes to get. Therefore, in future, we encourage everyone to sign up as early as possible so as not to be disappointed when arriving on the day.

The 2018 Trilogy Challenge Player Pack Included:  

48 Trilogy Challenge Player Packs - Olli Simonsen

48 Trilogy Challenge Player Packs - Olli Simonsen

  • 1 x Latitude 64 Opto Musket (10|5|-0.5|2)

  • 1 x Dynamic Disc Lucid Patrol (5|5|-3|1)

  • 1 x Westside Discs Origio Burst Maiden (3|4|0|1)

  • A Trilogy Challenge T-Shirt (Size S – XXXL)

  • A Trilogy Challenge Burst Mini

  • A Trilogy Challenge Official Scorecard and Pencil

The Manchester Trilogy Challenge was held at Longford Park, which is open to the public and completely free to play. The course has two tee pads per hole, red for beginners and blue for advanced players. I thought it would be interesting to create a handicap for all new players to help level the playing field against the more advanced players, I did this by creating three different formats of play.

Beginners played from the red tees in both rounds. Open players started from the blue tees in both rounds while the Advanced division played the red tees in the morning and the blue tees in the afternoon.


The graph below shows the players ranked first to last along the horizontal axis and their respective scores up the vertical axis. Had the handicap not been implemented, we would have seen a greater divide in total scores across all four divisions. Having the handicap in place with the three different formats of play, the results show that most of the players are grouped closely together in terms of total score, except for three new players. The handicap was implemented to level the playing field and increase the chances for a non-open player to win the competition.

Ranking based on total score.

Ranking based on total score.


We had many prizes to give away, thanks to all our sponsors.

For the Distance competition won by RickRick and the Closets To the Pin (CTP) won by Iain McDougall, they had a choice between a box of Corona, a mini keg of ale or a bottle of red wine, sponsored by London Disc Golf Community. The remaining item went into the raffle prizes.

Manchester Disc Golf sponsored six Latitude 64 Mid-range Fuse Discs with their custom logo printed on them. These went to:

  • Most improved player of the day – Ben Bowden – Total Improvement -7

  • Worst improved player of the day – Michael McGowan - +17

  • First place in the FA3 Division – Katie Fairweather – Total Score 131

  • First place in the MA1 Division – Steve Edwards & Tim Ainsworth – Total Score 112

  • First place in the MPO Division – David Fairweather – Total Score 107

The winner of the Manchester Trilogy Challenge 2018 Presented by the London Disc Golf Community is Evan Smith in the MA1/Advance division with a total score of 106.

Closets To the Pin (CTP) won by  Iain McDougall

Closets To the Pin (CTP) won by Iain McDougall

Max Distance Competition won by  RickRick

Max Distance Competition won by RickRick


24 players entered the Ace Pot at £2.00 per person. The London Disc Golf Community contributed £35.00 to the ace pot, which comes to a total of £83.00. Unfortunately, no one managed to hit an ace, so the money will be carried over to the next London Disc Golf Community event, stay tuned.


The Mega Deal Raffle was a huge success with lots of prices from a massive basket of goodies sponsored by Cantor’s Food Store to Bagels and Bagel Vouchers, A Discraft Undertaker Distance Driver (9|5|-1|2) in bright pink 167-169grams to one year’s UDisc Pro Subscription. 

Craig French

Craig French

Steve One

Steve One

Alen Heckman

Alen Heckman

Evan Smith

Evan Smith

Manchester Trilogy Challenge 2018 Winners



Manchester Disc Golf

Manchester Disc Golf

The first person that deserves a massive thank you is Alan Heckman, Chairman at Manchester Disc Golf and co-TD of the Manchester Trilogy Challenge 2018. Thank You!

Thank you to all the volunteers who help maintain the Disc Golf course at Longford Park, the course looks amazing!

Thank you to everyone who helped set up the course on Friday the day before the event and to everyone who came down the course early and helped set up the chairs, tables and gazebos.

Thank you to Shelley Heckman for taking all the photos on the day, they look incredible!

Thank you to all the players who attended the first Trilogy Challenge in Manchester.

Thank you to everyone at Latitude 64 , Dynamic Discs and Westside Discs who make up the Trilogy family, we would not have been there without you.

Thank you again to all our sponsors, Cantor’s Food Store , UDisc , Manchester Disc Golf and London Disc Golf Community.

Thank you to 2Twenty Media for filming the official Manchester Trilogy Challenge 2018 Video.

If you want to get involved and give Disc Golf a go, please send us a message on any of our social media platforms or check out our website:, Facebook Group and Page. Give us a thump up, comment below and share this with your network, this really helps us grow the sport.

Photos by Shelley Heckman

Manchester Trilogy Challenge 2018 Event Sponsors

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