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Streamline Blank Eclipse Lift - LDGC Dyes

Streamline Discs

Disc Flight Numbers Explained
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SPEED: 9 | GLIDE: 5 | TURN: -2 | FADE: 1.5

This is one Glow Disc. Photo of glow and non-Glow. 

The Lift is Streamline’s understable distance driver, designed as a straight flying driver with a comfortable rim size and slightly domed profile. It is the second disc along with the Flare in the new 19mm Speed 9 Driver Class for Streamline. In Streamline Neutron Plastic the Lift has premium grip and durability, along with a huge variety of Neutron and Cosmic Neutron colour options. For controllable flight lines with effortless glide, activate Bernoulli’s principle with the new Streamline Neutron and Cosmic Neutron Lift!

Light up the fairway with the Eclipse Lift! Featuring industry-leading glow technology, the Eclipse Lift is about to revolutionise your glow fairway drivergame. Not only will the Eclipse Lift produce an astounding glow, but it feels tremendous in the hand as well! Featuring a slightly gummy feel and reliably straight flights, the Eclipse Lift is sure to be a hit among both glow and solo-mold enthusiasts everywhere. Glow the sport with an Eclipse Lift today!


Premium Glow Updated!

  • Glow CORE 2.0 Ultra-bright
  • Alternate Flight to Premium Plastics
  • Designed for visibility day or night
  • High durability for a long consistent life

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