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MVP Electron Soft Nomad

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SPEED: 2 | GLIDE: 4 | TURN: 0 | FADE: 1

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The debut of the James Conrad Line, the Nomad is a neutral-stable putter.

James Conrad 2021 World Champion Edition 

One of the fun challenges of designing the James Conrad Line was figuring out just what that concept meant to James and MVP. After sitting down with James and talking about his passions, it became clear that the concept of travel and exploration was going to be the bedrock of the James Conrad Line. With that in mind, James wanted to use his Line to showcase some of his favorite places and experiences on Earth. As luck would have it, months before he would go on to win the World Championships in Utah, Arches National Park was chosen as our Nomad concept —James Conrad definitely has some magic to him.

From there, we had to formulate how to blend the unique themes of the James Conrad Line with those of the MVP brand itself. Mixing science with nature, much like Axiom’s representation of art, was definitely something we were looking forward to, and Art Director Mike Inscho was more than up to the task. For the Electron Nomad specifically, Mike’s inspiration was to represent Arches with audio-like waveforms — creating a topographical waveform of a trailhead that is close to James’ heart. With just enough nods to MVP themes so as to enhance, not overwhelm, the core concepts of the James Conrad Line, the Nomad truly represents the partnership between James and MVP. The results speak for themselves, and we can’t wait to see what Mike and James have in store for us next.

High-Tech Baseline Material

  • Tactile boutique blends for superb grip
  • Designed to wear slowly with use
  • Added glide and neutral flight with wear
  • Also available in soft flexibility for putters

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Adam Keen
Is this MVP's take on "Old Greenie"?

James Conrad is to blame for a lot of additional plastic spending in my house, which is weird because when he was with Innova I never really paid attention to his choice of discs. The exception was of course Old Greenie, the magic JK Aviar he threw on probably half of all his shots, on both tees and greens. When he announced his move to MVP I thought there was no way he could live without Old Greenie, and so I am assuming that his first custom mold aims to fill that slot, hence the Nomad. I got the soft electron version thinking this must correspond with the soft touch JK Aviar plastic, and was frankly disappointed at how stiff it felt. No way this is a putting putter, I thought. Saying that, the blurbs say that the Nomad was designed to wear in, and I am still hoping that it will soften up in time. Currently, about 200 throws in, it still feels stiffer than I would like for a putter, but does the job pretty well, especially when I want a longer hyzer putt from C2 and beyond that doesn't really fade left that much and I can lean on its easy glide to cover the distance. I may have imagined a higher probability of spit-outs caused by the harder gyro rim having less "stickiness" on the chains, but can't back that up with anything scientific! In all other respects, it putts exactly like a new flat-top Aviar would, but with a chalkier, gummier feel thanks to the soft electron plastic. (Interestingly, I compared the blank Nomad vs the stamped version, and the blank ones do feel noticeably chalkier! Could that be because they were not heated up during the stamping process?)

As for its virtues as a throwing putter, I am happy to report that the Nomad is very much an Old Greenie in a new skin. Thrown flat, it flies like an arrow up to 250 feet. On a hyzer flip line, it pushes straight out to 300 and lands completely level. On a baby anny downhill glide line, I have parked it under the basket from the tee box of Hole 18 in Croydon, which I believe is 350 feet. The gyro effect is real and makes this so much easier to power up on without overturning it by accident. This makes for a very workable disc around all kinds of throw shapes. I have gone a little (no)mad and bought about 7 of these, but I know I will be using them for years!

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