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Dynamic Discs Fuzion Sergeant Misprint

Dynamic Discs

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Speed: 11 | Glide: 4 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 2.5 

The Sergeant is an excellent hybrid-style distance driver - like a faster Getaway or a slower Raider. It’s perfect for those shots that a fairway just won’t reach but you don’t want to power down on a distance driver. The Sergeant forms a bridge between fairway drivers and distance drivers with a comfortable rim for both backhands and forehands and enough stability to work out of a turn, but not so much that it will always dive left at the finish. Pick up a Sergeant and experience full command of your drives!

Misprints may vary slightly.

Customer Reviews

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Adam Keen
Torque-proof 11-speed, but with the glide you need. Fades forward for extra distance.

I am a little surprised that the Sergeant isn't a more popular disc on UK's windy courses. Granted, it lines up against some pretty popular competition like the Wraith, Excalibur and DD. After a few months throwing it I am still undecided about whether it makes the main bag, and this is in spite of the good hand-feel, the straight flying and controlled glide up to 400ft, which is especially impressive on full strength forehand drives, and wide availability in different plastic types (try getting a Wraith or DD for a reasonable retail price!). And that is because one of its main strengths is also tricky to master: namely the 2.5 fade. My guess is the decimal point fade rating refers to the Sarge's strong but forward pushing hook-up. It's a cheeky cheat code that grabs an extra 10m you wouldn't otherwise expect from a high-speed control driver. However nice this is, it inevitably tempts me to give it some anhyzer angles on forced turnovers etc, which all work beautifully ... until it doesn't! I get a little frustrated that I can't really force it over like a Fortress or Enforcer with the same confidence that it will fade back, instead of gliding out to the right. Sure, this says more about my throwing choices than it does about the disc but nevertheless, that is how I feel about the disc. Ultimately, I might persevere and maybe crack the speed/angle combo that really unlocks the disc, or I may just go buy some more Wraiths and Fortresses ...

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