Anyone for golf - but not as we know it!

Now, if you've ever had a bash at golf you'll know it's not as easy as it looks - so how about golf with a difference. Could Frisbee Golf or Disc Golf be your thing? Similar rules - but no annoying little white ball to contend with! 

In Manchester, a new 18 hole course has opened and it's FREE!

As part of our new ITV summer series called Healthy Holidays we're encouraging young people to get out of the house, so we thought we'd try it out. Paul Crone reports.

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*** Watch the Video, filmed at Longford Park, Manchester.***

Manchester Disc Golf - Manchester Trilogy Challenge 2018

Manchester Disc Golf - Manchester Trilogy Challenge 2018

Move Over Ultimate Frisbee, Disc Golf Has Arrived In London And It's Blimmin' Addictive

If you've ever been in need of a legitimate reason to lurk near the bushes in Croydon's Lloyd Park, then you might be in luck thanks to Croydon Disc Golf. Disc Golf has already gained popularity across the pond and now this outdoor sport has arrived in London. Admittedly it's a bit more like playing frisbee than proper golf, but it's massively addictive and lots of fun. All you need is a keen eye, a good arm, and a frisbee (rentable from the park's cafe for just £2).   

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*** Watch the Video, filmed at Lloyd Park, Croydon. 47,000+ Views. ***

Londonist Video Snapshot

Londonist Video Snapshot

Why disc golf is proving popular in Britain's parks

If you like throwing a flying disc around the park with family and friends but want more of a purpose to it, how about the growing sport of disc golf? 

There are now 15 courses around the UK and more are planned. 

Mike Bushell went to a temporary course in Basingstoke, where he met the British number one and some of the country's top juniors.
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BBC News

BBC News