Olli Simonsen

Oliver has been playing since 2014, when he an a mate borrowed discs from a local hostel in Queenstown, New Zealand.

In 2017 he founded the London disc golf community to grow the sport in London and other parts of Britain.

Some of his notable achievements are playing a 991 PDGA rated round and hosting a Discraft Ace Race event together with Derek Stoltenberg, and a Trilogy Challenge with Alan Heckman

Name: Olli Simonsen

Country: United Kingdom

Home course: Berkshire Disc Golf – Dinton Pastures





How did you get into disc golf and how long have you been playing?

I’ve been playing for about 4 years since 2014 when I first got to Queenstown New Zealand. I borrowed or rented a disc from the local hostal I was staying at and my friend James and I went out an played our first round at Queenstown Gardens.

Dominant hand?

Right hand

Are you Backhand or forehand dominate?

I can throw 125 metres backhand and about 100 meters forehand, so I would say both.

What was the first disc golf disc you threw and where is it now?

The first disc I throw was probably a beat up DX putter, and it’s probably back at the hostel still.

The first discs I purchased was a blue Taniwha, from RPM Discs, Eran from Small Planet Disc Sports in Queenstown showed me all his discs and recommend this one. I went into getting my first ace with this disc on hole 18 at Queenstown Gardens.

You’re on the first hole at your local course, what disc do you reach for?

Either my favourite beat in red Innova Star Boss (13/5/-1/3) or new yellow Grym-X by Kastaplast (12/5/0/3) depending on what the wind says.

The hole is a big curve to the right with a Mando left from the tee box and OB bunker and fence line by the basket.

For me it’s a big forearm shot off the tee trying to reach 2/3 of the way up. UDisc says the hole is 135 metres long.

What is your favourite course and why?

This a difficult one for me, I love all the courses I played in New Zealand they’re absolutely stunning. But I think I’ll have to say that my favourite course is Århus Disc Golf Bane, in Tilst, Århus, Denmark. This course requires so many different shots, it has big open holes, wooded holes, elevation holes, etc and each basket has three different tee pads.

Your disc golf bag catches on fire. You can only save 3 discs – What are those discs and why?

Red Innova Star Boss – All time favourite, got an Eagle on hole 14 at Queenstown Gardens and was the 4th person to have ever done it at the time.

Red Innova Yeti Aviar, Signed by Jay ‘Yeit’ Reading himself.

Blue Innova GStar Orc (10/4/-1/3), got two 85 metre aces with this disc.

What is your favourite disc and why?

Red Innova Star Boss – All time favourite, got an Eagle on hole 14 at Queenstown Gardens and was the 4th person to have ever done it at the time.

What is your favourite throw to play during a round of disc golf?

An ace of course… Nah I’d would probably say putting is my favourite throw, especially outside the circular, I love it when I crush a long putt.

Are you part of a league, if so what is your handicap?

Not this year.

How many times a week do you get to play or do field work?

I live an hour away from my nearest course so not as often as I like. I’ve got a portable basket in the garden that I practice my putting on.

The discs that you regularly bag are they all one manufacturer or a mix bag?

2 Latitude 64
2 Dynamic Discs
1-2 Discraft.
1-2 Kastaplast
1 Westside Discs

Do you have any superstitions or quirks when on the course. Such as like flipping your disc before a putt or special hat?

Jay ‘Yeti’ Reading taught me to focus more and take my time when I putt and to take all my putts seriously, regardless of how far they are.

I don’t like it when people nice my drives…

What part of disc golf do you find the most challenging?

Traveling to the tournament. I live in London and I don’t own a car so it makes it slightly tricky to get to the tournaments around the country.

I always struggled to play in windy conditions.

What has been your greatest achievement to date in disc golf?

Creating London Disc Golf Community.

Hosting a Discraft Ace Race event together with Derek Stoltenberg, which had 53 players attending.

Hosting a Trilogy Challenge with Alan Heckman which had 43 players attending.

Playing a 991 PDGA rated round. Winning the first K3,2,1 Glow Kastaplast event.

At one point in 2016 I was the 8th best player in New Zealand.

If you could change anything about disc golf what would it be?

Have more courses everywhere and increase the social media awareness of the sport.

If you could play any course in the world, what would that course be and who are the other three players on your card?

I’ve watch a far number of disc golf videos on YouTube and should really remember what the top 10 courses are called, but non are coming to mind… I would choose Paige Piece, Simon Lizotte and KJ Nybo

What advice would you give to a new player starting out?

Start with one discs and learn how it fly’s, get used to one disc and then slowly purchase more discs one at a time, getting to know your discs is very important.

Start off with a light weight (160 gram) GStar plastic disc like a Mako (5/5/0/0), this is because Gstar is great for beginners and takes a long time to beat in. Practice.

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