Disc Golf Course

MENDIP DISC GOLF COURSE - Everything you need to know.

Use your Frisbee to traverse our new 10 hole, woodland, disc golf course in the fewest number of throws!

Mendip's New 10 Hole Disc Golf Course, one of only 35 in the country, winds through beautiful woodland and over rolling Mendip hill tops with stunning views. Originating in the USA, Disc Golf is just like traditional golf, the difference is it's played by throwing a flying disc into a metal target in the fewest throws - instead of hitting a ball into a hole. 

Disc Golf is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get active and have fun trying something new with family and friends.

A great home video shot by a family who played on our course recently...



1 No need to book in advance, just pick up a disc, scorecard and map in reception
2 Go to the first 'Teeing' off post 
2 Take it in turns to throw your first shot towards the basket
3 The player whose disc landed farthest from the hole throws next 
4 Once everyone's disc is in the basket, write down your scores 
5 Find your next 'Tee Post' to play the next hole
6 Add up your scores - remember the winner is the player with the lowest score! 
7 Return to reception to add your scores to our leaderboard! 

Our New 10 Hole Course winds through beautiful woodland and over hill top farmland. Our course is on fairly rugged land and is a walk of a couple of kilometers including stiles and some steep tracks. 

Walking shoes, boots or wellies are recommended. Flip flops, Crocs, sandals or open toe footwear is not suitable. The course is not suitable for pushchairs. 

Suitable for anyone over six years. Younger children are welcome to share your disc and play for free. Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult.

Disc golf is enjoyed by people of all ages and walks of life so come and try out this fun sport. Located within the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty our Disc Golf course is ideally located for people in Bristol. Bath, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset or anywhere in the South West.

All day pass: Adult £4.90
All day pass: Under 16 £3.90
All day pass: Under 6 FREE
Includes disc hire, scorecard, instructions and map

Open 7 days a week
Mendip Activity Centre
Lyncombe Drive
North Somerset
BS25 5PQ

01934 834 877

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Dinton Pastures County Park - What is Disc Golf?

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What is Disc Golf?

The object of the game is to throw a disc (a type of frisbee) from one hole (a metal basket) to another in as few throws as possible. Dinton is proud to host one of the few 18-hole permanent disc golf courses in England. 

The course was installed in 2016 and was paid for by Berkshire Disc Golf Club (a group of local, volunteers who love disc golf!)  The course is located on public access grassland adjacent to the main lake and you can access it from either the Dragonfly Café or Dinton Activity Centre. It is free to play if you have your own discs, but you can give the game a try and hire a disc from Dinton Activity Centre (off Sandford Lane). Disc Hire is available from 9am- 5pm and costs £5 for a set of 2 discs (mid- range and putter).

Berkshire Disc Golf Club

Berkshire Disc Golf Club meets at Dinton Activity Centre on a Wednesday evening at 5pm (for a 5.30pm start) for a relaxed training session (usually running until 7.30pm) - we play all through the year, with lit disc games in the winter. If you enjoy the game and wish to play regularly, then we ask you to join BDGC (at just £24 per year) so that you are insured when playing on the course and your membership supports the development and maintainence of the baskets and equipment. 

For more information about the Club and playing disc golf at Dinton Pastures, please visit the website of Berkshire Disc Golf Club. 

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Mill Creek Receives $16K Grant for Disc-Golf Course

Mill Creek Receives $16K Grant for Disc-Golf Course

OUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Mill Creek MetroParks has been awarded a grant for $16,056 by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) for an 18-hole disc-golf course at the MetroParks Farm in Canfield Township.

The grant, through the 25th round of ODNR’s NatureWorks grant program, is providing 75% of funding for the project.

The disc-golf course will utilize the MetroParks Farm’s landscape, changes in topography, and scenic vistas to establish a unique recreational experience. 

The construction of a disc-golf course continues the MetroParks’ effort to provide additional and diverse recreation opportunities throughout the county, and reinforces the MetroParks’ commitment of securing third-party funding for new active recreation facilities. 

The project will be scheduled for construction as a 2019 capital improvement project.

Originally published on www.businessjournaldaily.com by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.