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Discmania Evolution Neo Enigma


Disc Flight Numbers Explained
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SPEED: 12 | GLIDE: 5 | TURN: -1 | FADE: 2

The Enigma helps players reach incredible distances with a flight pattern designed to carry easily as it soars down the fairway. Molded to combine a high speed turn with a long distance fade, both experienced players and relatively new players will be able to utilise the Enigma to its fullest potential. The Enigma glides with turn at the start of its flight while its stability gradually takes over, keeping the disc airborne as it transitions into a fade for the finish of the flight. This level of understability to stability allows players to hit any number of lines depending on the angle of release. Use the Enigma for hyzers or anhyzers and add new distances to any shot in your bag.


Customer Reviews

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Is the real Enigma: "why do no Discmania Pros bag it?"

Made by Lat64, the NEO plastic is pure smoothy goodness, like a slightly stiffer Opto. A comfy rim size, flattish dome and medium depth makes the Enigma tough to hate when it comes to hand feel. Discmania calls it a "stable distance driver", which I interpret to mean "for intermediate and not power throwers". I say that mainly because it still hooks up like a destroyer when thrown for less than 375 feet without much of a turn. But if you power into it on a 400+ flat throw a substantial high speed turn will appear before a gentler fade. Whack it out to 430+ and that fade pushes much more forward. At 450+ the high speed turn really kicks in and the fade feels like a relief when it arrives. But these are just your flat throws ... the Enigma can do more!
The essential joys of a "stable" driver are the shot-shaping opportunities. With modest adjustments to the release angles, I find the Enigma very workable for high anny drives that pan out in a big lazy S-shapes without forgetting to fade back in line (DDX, Grym, Tern ... I'm looking at you with full side-eyes!), and also a cool golf-line option on max distance hyzer flips. I guess you could throw them on extreme control hyzer distance lines, although I can think of many other better options that carry a Fade 3, but maybe the Enigma gets you a higher ceiling height on the power hyzer, if you need it.
The price you pay for workability is a questionable trust level when it comes to headwind shots. Then again, what kind of idiot throws a Fade 2, 12 speed into a headwind? Another "enigma" perhaps ...
But say you have a tailwind, or a slight uphill fairway, and you want to slap it hard for a good 450+ feet on a micro-hyzer to flat throw without worrying about a slashing fade left ... well, then the Enigma is exactly what you want! It will carry, and carry, and carry for a very long way on a very straight line before an easy fade to the ground. It gets even better at this after a couple of hundred throws of seasoning.
Finally, I should mention it provides a sneaky cheat code for noodle sidearms that want to stretch their drives out a little further than their Destroyers can reach. The flattish profile is very sidearm friendly, allowing a good sense of angle control, and the 5 glide+12 speed combo gives it just enough glide+torque resistance to hit 300 feet even on a mid-speed release.

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