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Kastaplast K1 Grym


Disc Flight Numbers Explained
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SPEED: 13 | GLIDE: 5 | TURN: -2 | FADE: 2 

Made for long and smooth s-curves and tailwind bombs. Grym is a workable big distance driver for the common player, or a turnover hang glider for the bigger arms.

With its clean thin shape and a comfortable 22 mm rim, Grym merges speed and glide into a workable goto driver …or as one of our team players put it… “by the way, that Grym gooooeees…”. Grym is Swedish for cruel or awesome. Try it out for some grym lines!

K1 Plastic: K1 Line is Kastaplast’s super durable material with a nice combination of firmness and gumminess. Discs in K1 Line will appear in both solid and translucent colours.

          Customer Reviews

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          Adam Keen
          If a Nuke SS spoke Swedish ...

          To paraphrase the Bard: "What is in a name? That which we call a Nuke SS, by any other name, would throller just as sweetly."

          While I do find a seasoned NukeSS the most similar for flight characteristics to a Grym, it is more than a flight-alike. The K1 is irrefutably much nicer plastic than anything by Discraft (except maybe Titanium) for being juicy soft to the touch, grippy and durable. The Grym's rim is also substantially slimmer which allows a comfier powergrip than almost any other 13 speed I can think of. It feels pretty similar to a Discmania DDx, which is absolutely a good thing.

          Sadly for a power thrower, the Grym is far too touchy to be used as a proper 13 speed. If I dial it down a notch or ten, it hyzer flips like a champ to S-line out to an easy 110m with the barest hint of fading back into line. But if I throw it like a 13 speed should be thrown, I get extreme turns which land a disc in a 30m radius to the right of wherever it was you were aiming at.

          So, for all the same reasons I don't get on with the NukeSS, I can't bag it. The DDx, Enigma and Tour Series Nuke is about as far as I would go for flippy distance. I may recommend the Grym for Intermediate players who want a taste of the distance driver life but I don't know whether the extra 15m would be worth dealing with the touchiness.

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