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Jack Smith

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Name: Jack Smith
PDGA Number: #145098
Current Rating: 853 (as of 11-May-2021)
Go to discs:
  • Putter: Westside Discs Crown
  • Approach: Dynamic Discs Slammer
  • Midrange: Dynamic Discs Emac Truth, Verdict and Justice
  • Fairway: Westside Discs Stag
  • Driver: Dynamic Discs Renegade and Latitude 64 Gladiator
Acing hole 13 at Lloyd Park Croydon and getting sponsored by LDGC
How long have I been playing?
I have been throwing discs since February 2020, but playing on the courses since May 2020.
  • Get better at the sport and help grow the sport.
  • To get my distance to over 150m.
How I meet Olli and first round together:
My first round with Olli was back in July 2020 after Olli got in touch with me via my instagram page and we started talking and decided to meet at Horsenden Hill and play a couple rounds together on the original layout.