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Dynamic Discs Fuzion Sergeant

Dynamic Discs

Disc Flight Numbers Explained
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Speed: 11 | Glide: 4 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 2.5 

The Sergeant is an excellent hybrid-style distance driver - like a faster Getaway or a slower Raider. It’s perfect for those shots that a fairway just won’t reach but you don’t want to power down on a distance driver. The Sergeant forms a bridge between fairway drivers and distance drivers with a comfortable rim for both backhands and forehands and enough stability to work out of a turn, but not so much that it will always dive left at the finish. Pick up a Sergeant and experience full command of your drives!

Customer Reviews

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Adam Keen
Ignore the "Hybrid Driver" label: The Sergeant is an excellent and controllable 11 Speed, period!

Is it a fairway? Is it for distance? Is it a bit of both? TBH I don't find the "Hybrid" marketing blurb particularly helpful... I was, however, intrigued with the 2.5 fade number on the Sergeant so grabbed a few to try out and instantly dismissed it as a gimmick, as it was about as OS as a Destroyer. Happily, I was wrong: a few hundred throws are required to fully unlock its virtues, because when seasoned it will go just as a far as Destroyer but with far less of an aggressive fade (easier to hit your landing spots), while also being very torque and wind resistant (great forehand disc, and soaks up full power shots with ease). My most beaten in discs will show a -1 turn when launched flat to about 120m+, but otherwise holds very straight. It really earned its spot in the bag when I tested it on forced turnovers, as the comfortable rim (noticeably nicer to hold than a Wraith or Trespass, slightly deeper than a Grace, about par with the Sword) is a huge assist to controlling release angle. For once, the "high glide + firm fade" combo is legit, and works wonders to crush out distance on a turnover S-line without the need to throw on exaggerated anhyzers. Saying that, throwing it on mad anhyzer lines is also quite fun, especially to get over tall obstacles or onto high, rising fairways: the pushing fade can really surprise you with unexpected bonus yardage. For feel, it reminds me most of my beloved OOP Villains, but with a flight more like the old school beefy Vultures. I'm kinda glad it isn't more popular because I get to raid the discounts when they go on sale! :-)

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