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Grip6 Webbing Strap Black

Grip6 Webbing Strap Black


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  1. GRIP6'S REGULAR WEBBING STRAP ONLY -- Fully adjustable with all 1.5" Regular width buckles.

  2. UNLIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY -- The Grip6 A3 Guaran-damn-tee protects against any malfunction, accident, and all possible wear & tear. Our high-quality products were designed to last a lifetime.

  3. SIMPLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, AND COMFORTABLE BELTS -- No moving parts on this belt delivers a minimalist look with extreme durability.

  4. HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIAL -- The strap is woven with high strength nylon webbing.

  5. ONLY BELT WITH NO HOLES & NO FLAP -- The tail of the belt tucks behind the buckle, providing a clean, sleek look.

  6. VERSATILE FASHION -- 6 style of straps, perfect for business casual or outdoor adventures.

  7. ADJUSTABLE FIT -- 8 extra inches of webbing for the perfect dynamic fit.

  8. MADE IN THE USA -- Grip6 is a provider and supporter of good local jobs.


  1. 1.5 inches wide and 50 inches long

  2. Infinitely adjustable

  3. High-tensile nylon fiber weave

  4. Breaking strength of over 2000 lbs 

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